• Claim your F*ck Yeahh Direction in Life & learn how to choose yourself without feeling like you're upsetting your Loved ones

    Join the world's safest group healing program or work with Greg 1 on 1 to gently heal the relationship & career blocks that keep you stuck in Life.

  • I know what it's like to feel like my Life doesn't have meaning

    I would show up to work thinking, "Whats the point of this? Who am I really helping?" But as much as I hated work, I stayed late day after day because going home to

  • I know the pain of an incredible heartache, and loneliness

    I eventually found myself in a 6 year relationship from hell. We fought nearly every other day to the point where I would get kicked out of my own house in the middle of the night. Even though I knew it was terrible for me, I couldn't leave because I felt this incredible loneliness without her.

  • ...and I remember the exact moment where my life changed forever.

    This is my story of how I grow through codependency in 3 years and finally found direction in Life.

  • After healing through a relationship that brought me to my absolute bottom, I've been on an rocket ship of growth for the past 4 years.

    ...and I can help you do the same

    To claim your Direction and live a life RICH with meaning, instead of feeling empty & uninspired.

    To free yourself from guilt, so you NEVER sacrifice your or needs Direction for anyone else again.

    To attract & nurture a Love with ALL the traits you've always wanted​ without losing yourself or your Freedoms

    I'll help you live a life where you TRULY feel Free.

  • "You changed my life, Greg. It's crazy. You cannot describe the value I got from this experience. But if I had to, I would say I received peace."

    - Barbara K (Rising In Love™ Graduate)

  • I'm not just trained in Internal Family Systems & Schema Therapy, I've dedicated my Life to innovating new forms of subconscious healing therapy

    Safely heal trauma 1 on 1 with me through IFS & Schema Therapy

    IFS & Schema Therapy are two of the most groundbreaking and scientifically proven subconscious reprogramming therapies that currently exist. It's absolutely magical what can happen working together 1 on 1 in this way.

    Join Rising In Love, the world's safest group healing for relation-ship & codependency blocks

    The only program I know that heals the subconscious root of codependency.

    Join Rising Abundance, to unquestionably find direction in Life and heal your relationship to Money

    Just like Rising in Love, this program leverages the world's safest group healing around.

  • "I now have the tools to go safely into the world. I know I can handle my emotions."

    - Anouschka M (Rising In Love™ Graduate)

  • Get a glimpse of 2 of my upcoming projects set to revolutionise how we heal​

    Coming soon: The world’s most affordable subsconscious healing

    I truly wish everyone could experience the subconscious healing magic of Internal Family Systems & Schema Therapy's memory rescripting, but for most, that is just not financially possible. This project aims to affordably bring subconscious healing to the masses.

    Coming soon: The Weapon of Love

    Ever wished you could fall asleep and wake up more healed than the day before? The goal of this project is to significantly reduce industry standard healing timelines by combining theta healing (ie, dream states) with a multi sensory healing experience. Think of the vibrational healing power of sound healing, combined with visuals, touch, float tanks, sensory deprivation and so much more.

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      Every week, I share an Interactive Lesson on the most crucial things you need to focus on in order to grow through codependency.

      Share your challenge & receive questions to help you grow

      When you share the challenge you face with the lesson's theme, the group will ask you questions to help you clear the subconsious energy that's keeping you stuck in codependency.

    1. "Stepping into Rising In Love allowed soo much introspection that you don’t get from courses where the presenter is reading slides."

      - Holly B (Rising In Love™ Graduate)

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