• Rise in Love within, so you can rise in Love with another

    Join a 12-Week Subconscious Empowerment Program that gives you the tools to comfortably heal the wounds in relationship that keep you from fully stepping into your Power

  • Calling all empaths, codependents, adult children of alcoholics, and survivors of narcissistic abuse...

    If you are sick of feeling...

    • a sense of lack or emptiness in yourself
    • guilt from setting boundaries
    • uncertainty about your own future & goals
    • a dread of being alone

  • It's time to
    take your


  • Safely heal the subconscious root of your stuckness to discover a life you never even dreamed possible

    Imagine... waking up everyday loving yourself. You’re at peace. You’re ready to face anything because you know you have an ally in yourself

    Imagine... a life that flows beautifully. Everyday you are excited, and have so much to look forward to whilst staying calm in the present moment.

    Imagine... feeling bathed in hope & inspiration, having a sanctuary within, no matter what obstacles come your way.

    This is the Life that awaits you, and I will help you get there.

  • Rising In Love isn't only about understanding your difficult emotions & difficult relationships, you'll also connect deeply to a Life rich with Purpose.

    Explore for yourself... the 12 weekly themes of True Freedom

    WEEK 1

    Reigniting your spark for LIVING

    At some point in your Life you felt truly alive, but somehow lost your way. This first week is about re-connecting you to that feeling of ALIVENESS.

    WEEK 2

    Setting Boundaries with Love

    Never again will guilt prevent you from prioritising your own needs. 

    WEEK 3

    Aligning your Life to a higher Purpose

    Each of us is here to do big things in this world. This week we will start magnetising a vision of Purpose that will light your Life up.

    WEEK 4

    Dealing with difficult people

    Learn how to set boundaries & speak your truth on challenging people, even if tears or rage come up.

    WEEK 5

    Attachment styles & coping mechanisms​

    Discover if the way you fall in Love the way you cope with your triggers serving or hindering you, and what to do about it.

    WEEK 6

    Harnessing the power of the Feminine: Surrender

    To be fully in our power, we must have a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

    WEEK 7

    Harnessing the full power of the Masculine: Structure

    To be fully in our power, we must have a balance of masculine and feminine energies.

    WEEK 8

    How to choose YOURSELF

    Discover how to choose yourself without an ounce of guilt so you stop abandoning your needs for the sake of others.

    WEEK 9

    Using resistance as a way to grow

    Some of the most powerful growth lessons we could ever learn are buried within our resistance.

    Week 10

    People pleasing to help the World

    Here you'll learn how to focus your desire to help others on a single project that can help the world.

    WEEK 11

    Attracting your ideal relationship

    Whether you are already in a relationship or a wanting to magnetise one, this week will show you how to have the relationship you truly desire.

    WEEK 12

    Setting yourself up for success

    Before we depart this 12-week journey, I have a special session for you to celebrate your success & to lock in that feeling well into the future.
  • What's most important is that you always feel safe to heal...

    You absolutely do not have to participate in any exercise or theme if you are ever not fully comfortable. Ever.

    This is a safe space to be seen & heard

    People are always amazed when they literally receive compliments for their openness

    You never have to share if you don’t want


    Everyone gets equal time to share

    Because each session is highly structured, you'll never feel like someone else took all the time.

    "Because you're with people experiencing similar things in life, you feel even safer to open up."

    Words from a True Freedom Graduate.

  • Unlock a level of self-reflection you will never get from other programs where the 'expert' is reading slides

    This program is literally the most affordable & safest way to get individualised therapy in the world right now.

  • Hear from people who's Lives are forever changed from Rising In Love

    "You changed my life, Greg. It's crazy. You can't describe the value I got from this experience, but if I had to, I'd say I received peace."

    Barbara K

    "With my friends and family, I now feel comfortable to open up and speak my truth even if it feels tense. Doing this program made it so easy to understand how to grow. This is truly a place where you can safely discover yourself."

    Anouschka M

  • "Healing in this group space even helped me turn my performance around at work. I went from just keeping my job, to turning it around fully and getting a raise. :) "

    Holly B

    "Thank you for helping me realize more and more that I am more capable than I thought. Greg, you are a blessing! ❤️"

    Joanne A

  • Meet the man who's going to change your Life forever...

    ...and discover how he ended his own struggle with codependency

    I'm Greg Halama, founder of Rise

    At an early age, I learned to avoid conflict and NEVER learned how to set boundaries. This eventually led me to a relationship that was a living hell, and to jobs where I continuously felt like I was about to be fired. I couldn't assert myself when things went in directions I felt they shouldn't.

    It was this same hellish relationship that saved me. Here, I learned to stand up for myself. I learned to heal my insecurities so my partner could never intentionally trigger them. I learned to prioritise my self for the first time in my life. You can hear more about that experience here.

    I've since made it my mission to help other people heal through toxic relationship & life patterns. My healing methods of choice are Internal Family Systems and Schema Therapy, two of the most groundbreaking & scientifically proven therapeutic models that exist today.

    Like you, I also asked myself why am I here?

    For me, it's to bring to the world a new healing modality that gently helps us heal our wounds in the safest way possible. This is the therapeutic model that True Freedom is founded upon. I've been developing this model of healing for the past 3 years to help people heal the subconscious root of their struggles in the gentlest possible way.

    I am genuinely looking forward to getting to know you. If you have any questions at all about Rising In Love you can schedule a time for us to talk here.

    See you soon!

  • Ready to taste the Freedom you've always wanted in Life & relationship?

    More than anything I want to make sure this is the right fit for you and me. Apply to join the program and we'll do a FREE consult to make sure.

  • The Journey begins