• Subconscious healing that's safe, comfortable, and even fun

    Together, we'll safely heal the wounds blocking you from truly knowing what it's like to feel at home within yourself, to have direction in Life, and to shed the guilt & loneliness that previously help you back.

  • There's a reason conventional talk therapy does not work

    The deepest layers of your pain will never be healed by merely talking about your feelings.

  • True healing happens when we heal the subconscious root of our pain

    This is the power of my approach to IFS & Schema Therapy.

  • Why is it that you can't seem to make the heavy emotions go away?

    The answer is simple. You're not supposed to make the heavy emotions go away. You are supposed to understand what the heavy emotions need.



    Society teaches us to suppress the heavy emotions, but when we suppress the heavy emotions, they get STRONGER. ​

    Think about it... Anger is trying to tell you a boundary as been crossed, but the people pleaser in us hates confronting people, so we let it slide a few times until the anger builds up so much that we flip into RAGE. Our body basically says, "I gave you a chance to do something the first time you felt angry, but NOW I'm setting this boundary for you!"


    Every emotion is trying to help you. When we listen & give these emotions what they need, they feel heard & begin to relax. This is IFS at it's finest.

    My process is about helping you connect to a deep meditative start so you can start to channel the intuition of what this heavy emotion needs.


    Even the emotion of suicide is trying to help you move forward in Life

    When I talk to suicide in the people I support, it tends to say something like: "We've been depressed for 30 years! All we want is for you to move close to the ocean and find a new job that makes you happy. We're giving you 6 more weeks and then we pull the plug!"

    As scary as this scenario sounds, the beautiful thing is this heavy emotion told us EXACTLY what it needs to relax!


    The problem is... you likely have a painful childhood memory that blocks you from doing what this heavy emotion so desperately needs.

    In the case of this suicidal emotion, there might be a memory of their parents telling them they have to take care of their parents when they get older. This person then naturally feels terrible at the idea of moving away from them, even though that is exactly what this heavy emotion needs to help it relax.


    Together, we gently help you subconsciously rewire that trauma based memory through a beautifully safe Schema Therapy technique

    Since the brain does not know the difference between a memory and something you've imagined, we will quite literally create a new memory for you based on 100% empowerment. With this new memory, the old memory will no longer keep you stuck in an endless cycle of re-creating the pain from your past. You'll feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

  • Hear from one of my clients who experienced a radical shift in a matter of months

  • "Tapping into the subconscious for answers, has been such a powerful experience for me."

    "Instead of having warring emotions in my head, IFS gradually made me feel more integrated as a being. I realized that each side of me is just trying it’s best to guide me to more joy & fulfillment. This is one of the most powerful ways that I began to shed the concept of self hate from my paradigm, which allowed me to remember what self love is all about. Greg you are an absolute blessing and have a real healers touch! So happy an honoured to be on this journey with you.❤️🌻"

    -Joanne A

  • For those ready to walk the path of true healing

    Consider me your guide. I will walk beside you, to help you free yourself from the depths of your wounds, even those you previously thought impossible to heal. Together, we'll shine a light into your darkness & give you power over everything that once held you back. Freedom is yours if you want it. All you have to do is reach out to me, and I'll show you the way.

  • Ready to Rise Together?