• Master the Art of Setting Boundaries with Love, comfortably & safely

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  • Reading articles will never free you from the guilt you feel setting boundaries on Loved ones, nor from the frustration you feel when your boundaries aren't respect.

    The only way to overcome guilt, shame & fear is to heal the subconscious root of your struggles.

  • ...and how do you heal the subconscious root of your struggle with boundaries?

    That is EXACTLY what this Free Mastermind will help you do. It will also give you a taste of what it would feel like to join the 12-Week Codependency Mastermind by letting you experience 1 of the 12 core themes of this 12-week healing journey.


  • Discover how the Mastermind uses the power of a question to help you discover and heal the subconscious root of your struggle to set & enforce boundaries

  • As a group of 8, we'll dig to the core reason it's so hard for us to set boundaries. Then we'll make a plan to do something about it.




    A safe space to share & grow

    You are absolutely safe to share whatever you want. There is no judgement here as we are all here to help each other grow.


    Everyone gets a turn to share their challenge with boundaries

    In the first 2 minutes, you'll give context as to why setting boundaries is hard for you. For example, I might share that I have a girlfriend who every time I say no or set a boundary, she blows up and tells me I don't love her.

    Note: if you really don’t want to share, you don’t have to.


    Together, we'll dig to the root of what's holding you back

    In the next 5 minutes of your 10 minute share, the group will then ask you questions. Questions act like a mirror. The more questions you are asked, the more perspectives you see that you've literally never seen before. Deep down inside, you know exactly what to do. Questions bring this profound knowing to the surface.


    Learning from others

    Everyone in the group has gone through their own life struggles. Everyone has deep wisdom to share. In the final minutes of your share, THIS is the moment you get the power to ask your questions to the group. This is the moment you learn from others.


    Crafting a plan to keep the momentum flowing

    After gaining insight into the subconscious root of your struggles with boundaries and receiving an abundance of wisdom, it is up to you to craft a plan for how you want to grow after the mastermind.

  • After the Mastermind, you'll walk away with a profound knowing of EXACTLY what is holding you back and how to move foward.

  • Meet the creator of the 12-Week Codependency Mastermind and hear how he overcame his struggle with boundaries


    Hey guys. I'm Greg Halama. At an early age, I was super sensitive. I learned to avoid conflict and NEVER learned how to set boundaries.

    In my adult years, this led me to a relationship that was a living hell, and to jobs where I continuously felt like I was about to be fired. I could not assert myself when things went in directions I felt they shouldn't.

    It was this same hellish relationship that saved me. Here, I learned to stand up for myself. I learned to heal my insecurities so my partner could never intentionally trigger them. I learned to prioritise my self for the first time in my life.

    I made it my mission to help other people who felt stuck in relationship and career. I studied Internal Family Systems to learn how to work with the subconscious mind. I studied Schema Therapy to learn how to help people shed childhood trauma through reprogramming their painful memory.

    If it's not clear by now, I just want to reiterate that your past ABSOLUTELY does NOT have to limit your future any longer.

    If you join our free Mastering Boundaries Mastermind you'll begin to see how this is possible.

  • "This is a place where you can safely discover yourself and open up. Because you're with people experiencing similar things in life, you feel even safer. You also get more perspectives from other people's shares which makes it even easier to understand how to grow."

    Anouschka Mampaey

    On the 12-Week Codependency Mastermind

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm a little shy in a groups. Any tips?

    Most people in the group will also feel shy to share. It's pretty common. Remember, you don't have to share if you don't want to. You can always join and decide when you're in the mastermind with us. I am absurdly good at making people feel safe to share in group spaces. When everyone in a group feels safe, people start opening up one by one. Maybe after you hear other people's stories, you'll see you are not alone in your struggles. Maybe then you'll want to share. Or maybe you will choose not to share. Both are perfectly ok.

    How many people are usually in a Mastermind?

    To keep the space feeling comfortable and safe to share for everyone, we always limit the group to 8 people, including myself as facilitator.

    Can I get more info on the 12-Week Codependent Mastermind?

    Of course! Here's the link to the 12-Week Codependency Mastermind. In a nutshell, the 12-Week Codependency Mastermind is 3-month group therapy journey that allows you to safely discover and heal all the ways in which codependency may be preventing you from living a life where you truly feel free to be you. If you're curious for even more info and the exact topics that this journey covers, click here.



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