• "This is such an encouraging space where you get support & even compliments from people when you open up."

    - Holly B

  • Discover Holly's full transformation from people pleasing to self love

    "If it weren't for this program, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep my job or certain relationships in life."

    "I would have had a lot of uncontrolled anxiety and unresolved trauma issues. I would still be people pleasing and thinking I'm not good enough."

    "Stepping into this space allowed so much introspection that you don’t get from courses where the presenter is reading slides."

    "It’s tailored to what each person actually needs to work on."

  • "The journey helped me realize boundary issues with my Mom I wasn’t even aware of, and how I can spend more time with myself without feeling guilty."

    "Rising In Love even helped me turn my performance around at work."

    "I went from being on the edge of just keeping my job to turning it around fully and getting a raise!"

  • "If you want a safe place to talk about really anything you might like to work on, this a great forum for self improvement."