Attracting & Maintaining The Relationship Of Your Dreams

    Discover the subconscious root your #1 pattern that blocks you from stepping up into the most beautiful, sexy, fun & caring relationship you've ever known.

  • Which of the below is your relationship block?

    You're already in a realtionship BUT It's not as fulfilling as you KNOW it could be...

    Even though 80% of relationship is soo good, there's a BIG part of the relationship that leaves you wanting more.

    • Maybe intimacy has faded

    • Maybe you fight too much

    • Maybe jealousy is a thing

    You're single & dating but the passion always seems to fade after a month or 2...

    Maybe you fall head over heals for people who don't like you back

    Or maybe you avoid deep intimacy because staying open to True Love is uncomfortable mostly because you've been hurt before
  • Even though we want Love soo badly, our triggers block us from True Love

  • ...but what if I told you there was a way to clear the energy that blocks you from attracting & maintaining True Love?


    This Free Workshop will help you discover what blocks you from the relationship you know you deserve.


    But this isn't some seminar that merely provides content.
    No no no...
    You will experience a beautiful group healing process called a Rise Circle.

  • How It Works


    A safe space to share & grow.

    There is no judgement. We are all here to help each other grow.


    Everyone gets 8 minutes to share their block in relationship.

    You'll explain to the group what's going on so we have enough context to ask you questions.


    We'll help you dig to the root of what's holding you back by asking you question after question after question.

    Deep down inside, you know exactly what to do. Questions bring this profound knowing to the surface.

  • NOTE: you do NOT have to share if
    you don't want to. You are welcome
    to learn from observing.​

  • Meet your loving facilitators here to support your journey

    Greg Halama
    Master of subconscious healing, freeing you from the shackles of codependency
    Ve Janeckova

    Empowerment, Burnout & Energy Management

    Minty Nguyen
    Women's Sexual Liberation & Self Love Expert.
    Lucie Sramkova​
    Love, Sexual Sovereignty, & God.
    Janel Smith
    Expanding intimacy with Shibari & breathwork
    Kevin Hart
    Helping men claim the Love & sex life they desire.
  • This is simply the start of a beautiful journey together in finding a relationship to self & to others that truly lights you up.


    For those that want to keep journeying together after this free workshop to fully clear all that blocks you from Love, Rising In Love, our flagship 12-week subconscious empowerment program launches on October 18th. To learn more and secure your spot, click here.

    "You changed my life. It's crazy. You can't describe the value I got from this experience, but if I had to, I'd say I received peace."

    Barbara K.

    "Doing this program made it so easy to understand how to grow. This is truly a place where you can safely discover yourself."

    Anouschka M.


    "If it weren't for this program, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep certain relationships in my life or my job."

    Holly B.

    "Thank you for helping me realize more and more that I am more capable than I thought. you are a blessing! ❤️"

    Joanne A.


    "I wish I had words to really describe what this meant for me. If anything, know you set me free."


    - Client who desires anonymity

  • Meet the couple who's going to change your Life forever...

    ...and discover how they almost broke up before they broke through their own blocks around relationship.

    Hey guys! We're Greg Halama & Veronika Janeckova, the founders of the Rising In Love 12-week program.

    As amazing as our relationship has been over the past 13 months, we still almost broke up.

    It took me (Greg) so much healing to even attract Ve as a partner. I had the pattern of falling head over heals in Love for someone to the point it kept pushing potential Lovers away. But the crazy thing was, the MOMENT someone I fell head over heals for started liking me back MORE than I liked them... I would lose interest RUN for the hills.

    This was a pattern that I healed myself by leading Rising In Love.

    Little did I know that when I got in a relationship with Ve, more codependency patterns would emerge that were only 80% healed, even though I thought I was fully healed & empowered.

    I had a CRAVING to have Ve that couldn't be met. I didn't label this craving as neediness at the time but that's what it was. My neediness pushed Ve away. She felt like it was a predatory energy that wanted to take from her. My neediness closed her up, and we went long periods of time without having sex, which KILLED me emotionally.

    I worked as much as I could on my neediness, but it got to the point where it really felt like I was abandoning my own needs for intimacy by being with Ve. We broke up. Or at least I tried. I cried and cried in my realisation. We had the break upconversation. But it didn't go as planned.

    Ve stopped me midday way through my break up monologue. She said, "Hey WAIT A MINUTE. We've always talked about your needs in this relationship, but never MINE!"

    So we talked about her needs. It felt like an absolutely magical moment. I got EXCITED. It faded, the thought of breaking up. Being in this relationship where we both vocalised our needs, DESPITE our fears of how the other might reaction, felt truly exciting.

    In that moment, it felt like we made a quantum leap. We stepped into a new reality where our relationship started to work beautifully. We reignited intimacy, almost like magic, sexiness, truth, and tenderness. All that was missing appeared.

    This is the key to Love. We must first get to a place of clearing our blocks that stop us from being in a relationship. Then once, we are in one, we must clear all that stops us from speaking our FULL needs without fear. It's only when we speak our full needs that relationship can thrive.

    This is also Ve and my challenge now, to keep speaking our full needs. Something that is easier said than done when there is a real potential to cause pain through our needs.

    Love you guys so much,
    Greg & Ve

    PS, this workshop will be Life changing, and we can't wait to experience it with you. For those that continue to build momentum and clear the blocks in Rising In Love, our flagship program, we'll do a brief Q&A at the end of this free workshop.
  • Ready to Rise?

    Choose which workshop time works best
    for you and get ready to discover what blocks

    you from the relationship you desire.

    NYC: Thursday Oct 7 @ 8PM
    BALI: Friday Oct 8 @ 8AM
    SYD: Friday Oct 8 @ 11AM

    LDN: Saturday Oct 9 @ 9AM
    BALI: Saturday Oct 9 @ 4PM
    SYD: Saturday Oct 9 @ 6PM