• "You changed my life, Greg. It's crazy. You cannot describe the value I got from this experience. But if I had to, I would say I received peace."

    - Barbara K

  • Discover Barbara's full transformation from fear to peace

    Before journey together, I was struggling to choose myself over friends & family in a healthy way.

    I was either fighting for my boundaries or cutting someone off. All my life, I was in fear all the time. Scared of rejection. Scared of not having enough money. I was killing myself emotionally, as well as my Mom. I thought I needed to run away from my family to be happy, but the True Freedom™ journey showed me my happiness is within. :)

    Rising In Love is really for healing all the areas that are wounded in you

    It’s not just about setting boundaries. What I really learned was to understand my emotions. I stopped running away and now I even feel more aligned with my Purpose.

  • "There were times in our group sessions together where I thought everything was fine and then WOW… a challenge from my childhood appeared that I didn't even realise was necessary to heal."

    The best part was that Greg was sharing with us. Usually you see a therapist as some sort of guru, but we saw Greg as a human.

    Greg has knowledge, yet he is still doing more & more inner work. Because Greg shared, I trusted him even more. This is really why I stayed. It made us more feel safe to be vulnerable. It's amazing to be able to share such personal things. Everyone is so open & supportive.

  • "Give yourself these 12-weeks to learn more about yourself. It changed my Life."