• "I now have the tools to go safely into the world. I know I can handle my emotions."

    - Anouschka M

  • Discover Annouschka's full transformation from fear to confidence

    Before Rising In Love, I was too sweet to people and giving my power away, which led me down a path of deep depression

    Lockdown made it even harder to be alone. I was crying a lot everyday and felt like dying. I didn't understand anything anymore, and and it was clear I couldn't do this alone.

    This is a place where you feel safe to open up because you are with people who are experiencing similar challenges

    Really, it gives you a safe feeling, and because you're also getting multiple perspectives from other people sharing the struggle with a similar issue, it makes it easier to understand how to grow your own challenge.

  • "During the program, I had a moment where I set a boundary on a friend and she got angry. Normally, I am scared by angry people. But this felt really good. It felt right, which gave me personal power & confidence."

    Everyone is supporting each other so get this really good feeling that you are not alone in your journey.

    To have a group like this where we meet once a week with people experiencing similar things so we can support each other is really helpful, especially during lockdown.

  • "This isn't just about boundaries. It's about understanding your difficult emotions & difficult relationships."

    "It's about becoming more authentic, speaking your truth, and standing in your power. It's about discovering yourself."