• Master the Art of Setting Boundaries

    ...and grow through codependency in a matter of months, not lifetimes

  • I know what it's like to have parents that fought relentlessly with each other

    Every time a fight exploded my would grab me by my little 4-year old hand and we'd run to her room and hide. This was literally where my conflict avoidance was born.

  • I know the pain of an incredible heartache, and loneliness

    I eventually found myself in a 6 year relationship from hell, where we also fought nearly every other day. I would trigger my ex's abandonment and she would say something that triggered me. I would express a need to leave the room because I was about to explode, but she would say if I left, it was going to make it worse... so I stayed and flipped into absolute rage. The next day, I would be blamed for the fight; I was the monster. She rarely took responsibility for her side of the issue.

  • ...and I remember the exact moment where my life changed forever.

  • After healing through a relationship that brought me to my absolute bottom, I've been on an rocket ship of growth

    ...and I can help you do the same

    To never sacrifice your needs for someone else again, so you can live to the fullest.

    To attract a partner who is absolutely loving & fun!

    ...with ALL the traits you've always wanted so you both support each other's continuous expansion

    To live a life RICH with meaning, putting an end to feeling empty & unmotivated.

    To show up in a relationship so you never lose yourself OR your Freedom.

    I'll help you live a life where you TRULY feel Free.

  • I'm not just trained in Internal Family Systems & Schema Therapy, I've dedicated my Life to innovating new forms of subconscious healing therapy

    Safely heal trauma 1 on 1 with me through IFS & Schema Therapy

    IFS & Schema Therapy are two of the most groundbreaking and scientifically proven subconscious reprogramming therapies that currently exist. It's absolutely magical what can happen working together 1 on 1 in this way.

    Apply to join TRUE FREEDOM, the world's safest Group Therapy for Codependency

    The only Codependency Program that heals the subconscious root of codependency in the most easeful way possible.

    Practice your boundaries with us in our weekly immersive practice sessions

    Join a Practice Session to give yourself (and your boundaries) the best chance of being received with Love.

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    Join a Practice Session to give yourself (and your boundaries) the best chance of being received with Love.

  • Get a glimpse of 2 of my upcoming projects set to revolutionise how we heal​

    Coming soon: The world’s most affordable subsconscious healing

    I truly wish everyone could experience the subconscious healing magic of Internal Family Systems & Schema Therapy's memory rescripting, but for most, that is just not financially possible. This project aims to affordably bring subconscious healing to the masses.

    Coming soon: The Weapon of Love

    Ever wished you could fall asleep and wake up more healed than the day before? The goal of this project is to significantly reduce industry standard healing timelines by combining theta healing (ie, dream states) with a multi sensory healing experience. Think of the vibrational healing power of sound healing, combined with visuals, touch, float tanks, sensory deprivation and so much more.

  • The easiest way to heal is to start with the smallest step

    ...and I always suggest starting with our FREE Facebook Community

    This Facebook Community is unlike any Facebook group you've been a part of. Rather than simply receive advice that's near to impossible to put into practice, the friendly members of this group focus on asking you self reflective questions, so you can gain clarity on how to clear what's blocking you from moving forward in Life gracefully.

  • Ready to taste True Freedom in YOUR Life?